Women’s Activation Movement (W.A.M.)

The founder of Women’s Activation Moment (W.A.M.) Mary Wedgeworth-Maakheru, a.k.a. Zena Cheza Oriolla, has been working in the states and the United States Virgin Islands, with women and their families for over 20 years. Acknowledging that there have been many cosmic occurrences that have been influencing our planet’s and her inhabitant’s evolution, she coined the phrase “Women’s Activation Movement”.As the title implies, there is an awakening/ activation that is occurring in women. This awakening is the fundamental awareness of who women are and what energies the feminine vessel embodies and increasing thoughts about the actions that must be taken to improve the quality of life for everyone.In addition to the relearning of the metaphysical, scientific and esoteric aspects of the nature of the female,

W.A.M. is a consortium of women of a spectrum of colors cultures, professions and life-styles; whose mission has been educating, helping, supporting, nurturing one another and utilizing their various creative skills and talents to uplift and inspire all.

What We Do

Bloom Where Planted
Workshop Series for the
Body, Mind and Spirit

“Bloom where planted” is an age old saying that signifies the importance of one being able to achieve and maintain an attitude that leads to attainment and success; regardless of the challenges, conditions and obstacles in the internal and/or external environment.

These workshops and presentations are designed to take place individually or as a series, occurring chronologically over a period of weeks or months (determined by the circumstances of the facility, venue or genre).

The format of the presentations varies in dynamics:

1. performance- settings in which the interaction with the audience is indirect (but may involve call and response or other audience participation) until the question and answer segment at the end
2. Tactile- participants use various materials to complete an assigned task or are engaged in movement, communication or other exercises.

These workshops have been previously facilitated singularly or by a team, for groups of 10-50 participants. The success rate has been determined by the feedback of the participants (which has been very positive) over 20 years in male and female correctional and rehabilitation facilities, staff development conferences, and various independent venues.

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