Our Team

Quentin "kwenci" Jones

Cheif Executive Artist

After studying visual arts and graduating from Mercer County Community College in New Jersey with an A. A. in 1975, kwenci immediately began studying structural art with several journeymen for 3 years. A teaching artist since1980, Visual Arts Specialist kwenci jones has designed, constructed and created a wide variety of multi-cultural/multi-ethnic/multi-discipline 2D Drawings, Illustrations Paintings, and Designs, 3D artwoks, Sculptures, Metal works, Woodworks and Interior Design Projects. Kwenci, A.K.A. "BabaQ" is an enterprising teaching artist that engages all students, all ages, and all grade levels in the production of high-end art education projects regardless of their experiential background, capabilities, developmental and learning differences. He teams with his each of his participants to create unique projects that are ambitions and all inclusive, helping students to make breathtaking cross curriculum, art, using a variety of materials, processes, mediums and techniques. Kwenci is a NYC DOE vendor, independent contractor for CIE-PEA of New York. A mentor and life coach who imparts valuable life lessons and streesses job socialization into projects that flaunts a "Can do" posture of fun. This enregy guarantees his student's understanding of their connection and importance to the communion of completion.
"There is no success without discipline, order and consistent infusions of focused fun into the mind, body and spirit of intent. The totality of commitment is in the ability to entrance."

Carol Drummond

Art Education Director

Carol Drummond, A.A., B.A., Ed. M is presently employed by the Board of Education in Trenton, New Jersey, who believes that children and adults can learn any subject matter through the arts and the creative process. She has been an art educator for thirty-nine years and still possesses the energy and drive to push students to their maximum level of creativity. She instructs using a cross-content, multicultural perspective. During her tenure she has collaborated with artists, creating murals and other artistic ventures throughout the school facility. She is also the Peer-mediation Coordinator for her school where she uses art and the mediation/conflict resolution process as a medium to assist students in creating a school environment that is safe and aesthetically pleasing, where they can co-exist peacefully and flourish academically. "CD" is a foodie. "Food as art is a sensory pleasure and it should meet all of our sensory needs. It should taste great, look appealing, have an interesting texture when tasted and smell inviting." She believes if any of the necessary components are not in concert, it’s not worth the calories. She is a prolific repurposing and reusing craftswoman. Working with multi materials she forms and embellishes what already is into awe. Her work translates into interior decorating and 3D designs that manifest from an afro-centric multi-cultural perspective. Public art and collaborative work is important to Carol because she understands it gives people voice, records history and promotes change.
“I believe in the collaborative process, where everyone is a stakeholder in the end product, where everyone is respected for their opinions, thoughts and contributions to the whole." (609) 424-7073