Welcome to Muralopolis

Murals are as old as man and the first form of mass media. When placed where people, live work and play they are still as effective as they were thousands of years ago.

Public Art removes blight, improves poperty values, enhances tourism, educates residents & pedestrians in the artistic process while developing bonding relatioships through collective community interaction and inclusive participation.

Community-Building Projects

Community is defined as a group of two or more people who, regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds, have been able to accept and transcend their differences. They are able to communicate openly and effectively; and to work together toward a common goal.

The Paint Panthers

Paint Panther leadership translates as maturity in the acceptance of responsibility and execution of a directive. Paint Panthers are elite young people who have demonstrated an ability to operate and socialize, while maintaining a commitment to accomplishing the task at hand. Teaming up with civility, staying on task and maneuvering the diversity of multiple personalities within a group, is a profound statement of production prowess. Paint Panthers perform at high-end performance with high-end skills in all phases of a high-end project.