Building Artist; Negate Gangsters

B.A.N.G. creates multi-cultural; multi-discipline; cross curriculum, transformational art projects that impart positive skills to at-risk youth.

B.A.N.G. is a “No-nonsense” paramilitary vehicle. Our discipline practices are designed to assist that group of “students” in their quest to achieve higher academic standards and to play a contributory role in society.

B.A.N.G. art projects serve as a platform that combines art therapy, mentoring, job training and life coaching to affect change in behavior and attitude. Engaging participants in art-based institutional projects or community service activities can be a preventive or intervention program and an alternative to incarceration.

B.A.N.G. can be implemented in schools, residential institutions, juvenile correctional facilities or it can operate as a community-based program for youth at risk.

B.A.N.G. will work with local school districts to allow students to receive education credits for their work.

B.A.N.G.’s goal of providing hands-on community service projects that teach industry-related skills and reinforce positive attitudes and behavior is paramount. The program works in partnership with parents, social workers, parole officers, juvenile and correction facilities, juvenile judges; justice system personnel; education agencies, community-based organizations and other human service agencies.

B.A.N.G.’s partnering initiatives encourages organizations, corporations and local businesses to make philanthropic contributions or in-kind donations of equipment or materials.


“Throughout the years with us Kwenci has consistently displayed a remarkable ability to not only paint breathtaking murals, but he thrives in getting unfocused youth on point.”

Richard E. Green, Founder & CEO
Crown Heights Youth Collective, Inc.
Professor, Medgar Evers College
Staff Sergeant (RET.) USMC
Brooklyn, New York

“Kwenci was always a squared away Marine, so as an Art Ed instructor he works the chain of command into a platoon of youngsters that make it happen like rain.”

Charles Ellis, Warden
Mercer County Correction Center, NJ
Former Superintendent,
New Jersey Training School for Boys
Staff Sergeant (RET.) USMC
Trenton, New Jersey